Hardware Series

      Ningbo Bosen Machinery Company is specialized in producing high precision screw machine products made of Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Easy Cutting Steel, such as Rabbets, Nuts, Pins, Shafts, Electronically Fasteners. They are used in Electronically Industry, Communication Industry, Electrical Appliances, Valves, Injection Plastic, we can produce according to the customer’s blueprints, and all our parts are complied with RoHS, SGS report is available at customer’s request, we can produce in special metal contains no Lead according to customer’s requests.

      Our company has High Precision Screw Machines, Grinding Machines, Precision Optics Microstructure Measure Equipment.

      We keep close technical cooperation with our customers, we can submit samples for the customer’s development need, we can provide professional products to meet customer’s demand. Our mission is “Customers First, Quality First, Sincerely Cooperation”, to establish the concept that customers are our focus, keep improving our quality of products and services.


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